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Live For Tomorrow is an Aotearoa-born project for young people that are struggling with, care about, or are affected by youth issues such as mental health, bullying, self-harm and alcohol use. We run initiatives encouraging young people to believe in the possibilities of their future…

Q. What are LFT Chapters?

LFT Chapters are groups of young people in schools and communities around New Zealand who are passionate about sharing Live For Tomorrow’s message with their peers. Chapters meet regularly, discuss how they can make a difference, plan ways to do it, then make it happen. Every now and then LFT Chapters across the country compete in nationwide competitions.

Q. Who can run a LFT Chapter?

Chapters are led by young people in Year 12 & 13, and can also include young people from Year 11. These young people are supported by a local mentor, often a youth worker or guidance counsellor.

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