Get Help

If you’re struggling because of bullying then reach out to someone you trust. You can also access these free services:

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The Lowdown


If you're in West Auckland, Wellington or Hamilton, come say hi at one of Zeal’s youth facilities.

  • Zeal West | 20 Alderman Drive, Henderson, Auckland
  • Zeal Wellington | Level 2, 103 Ghuznee St, Wellington
  • Zeal Hamilton | OPENING SOON at Ward Lane, Hamilton


What’s Up

  • 0800 What’s Up (1–11pm)

Here's some tips for dealing with cyberbullying:

  • Don’t allow anonymous messages on social media like & Tumblr, and be careful who you give your mobile number to.
  • Block the person on social media and your phone.
  • Save the evidence by taking screenshots. If any cyberbullying threatens harm or tells you to harm yourself, save the evidence and contact the police.
  • Don’t respond to the people bullying you.
  • If you witness cyberbullying try to help the person being bullied. You can offer them support, or report the bullying anonymously if that feels safer.