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My name is Nakita Turner. I’m a 15-year-old singer/songwriter from New Zealand and I have a passion to stop bullying. This free online resource, produced in partnership with Live For Tomorrow, is here to help you start a conversation within your school and communities about reducing bullying and supporting each other. It’s pretty easy to use. Just start scrolling!

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1. The Song

Watch the "One Voice" music video.

Listen to the song on Soundcloud:

Verse 1

There's a girl I see that she's hurting
I'm sure she's hiding scars
Do they only know me when they need me 
It pulls her shoulders down

There's a boy, he carries a great weight
He is often pushed to the ground
And he cries when no one is watching
And pain shows in his eyes


1. What does this verse speak about? Who does it focus on?

2. Can you picture the girl and boy in this verse? What might their stories be?

3. Both the victims hide their pain. Why do you think this might be?

Verse 2

Do they know all the pain that it’s causing?
Forcing people to run and hide
With the words that are filled up with poison
And threats that bring us fear

I know that you've had it hard too
But you don't have to go down this way
All your pain can stop if you make a change


1. Who does this verse focus on?

2. Compare the first line of this verse with the stories of the first verse. Do you think bullies know the effect they are having on others?

3. The second half of this verse hints at why people bully others. Can you think of some reasons why they might act in this way? What might help them change their behaviour?


There are much needs that need to be meet, so as one voice we gonna say what needs to be said, it's like we need a needle and thread to bring us back to our knees once again and hopefully realise so many real lives are being mistreated by those mis-leaded so yes this is needed, way more than ever, I've got one voice but more would be better (more would be better) yeah so let's make one choice and let's all come together.

Our voice, our voice what's the most important thing? It's the people.


There is a Māori proverb that says “He aha te mea nui? He tangata. He tangata. He tangata.”

Translated this means, “What is the most important thing? It is people, it is people, it is people.”

Do you agree?


One voice can make a difference 
One voice can make it right
One voice can change the world
One voice can make it better
One voice can heal the pain 
One voice can change the world


1. Can you think of a time in your life when someone’s voice has made a difference to you?

2. Can you think of some people whose voices have made a significant difference in the world?

Click image to enlarge. © Kristina Webb.


This is the official artwork for the "One Voice" song. It is a piece of art by popular New Zealand artist Kristina Webb, who has over 1.5 million followers on her Colour Me Creative Instagram. Kristina's drawing explores the power of name-calling.

1. Have you heard people be called these names before? What affect do you think name-calling has on people?

2. The girl in this drawing has her arms crossed against her chest and her mouth is covered with tape. What do you think this might represent?

3. Imagine this drawing was full of kind words. What might some of those words be? What do you think the world would look like if people spoke to each other positively?

2. The Story

Watch the behind the scenes video.


The above video was produced by high school students from across Canterbury, NZ. With the support of Our Voice Antibullying Projects, the students received the mentorship of film and television professionals from around the world. This once in a lifetime opportunity allowed these young people to learn new skills, develop confidence, teamwork and leadership, and to be inspired for their future careers.



1. What’s a hobby you have that you started when you were young?

2. What motivated Nakita to start the “One Voice” project?

3. Have you ever had an idea about a project to help others?


3. Take Action

Watch Nakita's video about how you can help stop bullying.


1. Can you remember a time you saw someone getting bullied? Did you step in? Why or why not?

2. What do you think someone could do if they are being bullied in person? How about online?

3. Make a list of people you could go to if you’re struggling.

4. Nakita says, “If I can do a project, you guys can too.” What might you be able to do in your school or community to reduce bullying? Brainstorm in your group.

Shared Stories

Want more inspiration? Here's a bunch of messages from kiwis around New Zealand in support of "One Voice".  Play them one by one, or play the first video and it'll automatically continue through the playlist. Double click in the middle of the video to make it go fullscreen.

Josh Koia - "Be kind to others, be kind to yourself"

Jamie Jones - "Hope, love, peace and respect"

Shaun & Vicki (Be The Change) - "You are the most powerful agent of change" 

John Kirwan - "The message is really courageous"

Andrew Stroud - "I've been hurt plenty of times"

Liam Martin (Waverider) - "It's got a really awesome message"

Oceana - "It's okay, we're all here for you"

Cam Calkoen - "We all have the ability to be awesome"

Cashmere High School Spoken Word

Paul Brown - "Change does start with you"

What Now - "Bullying is not okay"

Massad & Eve - "Bullying is not okay"

Add Your Voice

As a result of Nakita's "One Voice" project so many people have shared how bullying has affected them and, most importantly, how they got through it. Your voice can help others who are going through hard times. Click below to visit the One Voice Tumblr page and add your voice - personally or as a class.

Start a LFT Chapter

LFT (Live For Tomorrow) Chapters are groups of young people in schools who are passionate about sharing Live For Tomorrow’s message of hope and overcoming with their peers. Chapters meet regularly, discuss how they can make a difference, plan ways to do it, then make it happen.


Hundreds of people have been involved in the "One Voice" project over its lifespan. Thanks to all those that have contributed their time, talents and resources. You have made an invaluable contribution.

Film Production

Project Leader

Nakita Turner

Executive Committee

Katie Hinsen, Mary Hinsen, Angela Green, Claudia Turner, Jon Turner, Rachel Thornton

Music Video Production

Camera: David Jensen, Alexei Perkins
Editor: Carl Ayala, Jason Aldous
Post Production: Meetal Gokul
Post Producer: Tony Pratt
Director: Katie Hinsen
Assistant to Director: Angie Green, Tim Murdoch

Behind The Scenes Production

Directors: Xavier Moir, Andre Debenham
Camera: Jonty Beddoes, Luke Stace, Regan Wilson
Editors: Luke Stace, Bea Gooding

Call To Action Production

Director/Camera: David Jensen
Editor: Sarah McCarthy

One Voice Launch Event

Hayley Smith, Brook Turner, Daisy Timo, Oceana Olsen, Glenn Livingston, Alice Makaafi, Mia Makaafi, Tim Makaafi, Luke Verheul, Isabella Stringer, Melissa Walter, Gemma Hickson, Olivia Neill, Galen Erickson, Charlie de la Cour, Edward de la Cour, Ngareta Wicksteed, Yannik Turner, Themepro (Chris Stead, Simon Holdaway), Christchurch City Council events production team (Paul Kean, Sheena Baines-Alhawamdeh), Bounce NZ (Alan Brodie), Sue White

Song Production

Song Producer: John Boyd
Studio Engineer: Sam de Jong
Sound Engineer: Dave Cooper
Choir Director: Simon Bissiker
Choir Vocal Coach: Ang Reeves
Assistant to John Boyd: Joseph Reeves
One Voice Choir: Ashy Batchelor, Libby Barker, Chloe Bendal-Brown, Madeline Williams, Rebekah Williams, Olivia Yardley, Luca Turner, Jordan Trevarton, Tiffen Roberts, Amy Riley, Tane Penfold, Jaz Paterson, Josh MacGregor, Keeneth Love, Olivia Bissiker, Fliss Bissiker, Solly Love, Lila Love, Harmony Love, David Cloughley, Kelsea Haynes, Ben Love, Lilly Downing, Shem Love, Sarena Hurley, Max Earnshaw, Mitch Gray, Brittani Hershell, Micah Heath, David Rea, Sam Burt, Harry Burt, Cameron Champion
Musicians: Dukes (Lauren Barus, Matt Barus, Jo Barus, Brad Banks), Restoration (Josh Koia, Matt Brown, Albert Peseta, John Chin, Jordan Simpson), Massad, special thanks to Josh Koia for writing and performing the rap
Recording Day Team: Montoya-Brooke Dronsfield, Tim Murdoch, Storm Dronsfield, Ada Chen, Peter Hinsen, Alvin Liu, Anne Moir, Daniel Mokomoko, Rob Small, Sharon Small, Kaylene Luchford, Timoti Thomas


PR, Social Media: Elliot Taylor, Zeal Social Marketing Collective
Web Design: Josh Barr, Elliot Taylor

Other Thanks

Thanks to the many companies and organisations who have supported this project, including Park Road Post Productions, Zeal, Parachute Music, Whitebait TV, Our Voice Antibullying Projects, Rangiora Baptist Church and Papanui Youth Centre. Also, special thanks to the pupils of Bromley Primary School, Linwood Ave School, Middleton Grange School, Ashley School, Tuahiwi School, Rangiora New Life School, Nick de Roo and to St Andrews College (film equipment).

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