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3. Take Action

Watch Nakita's video about how you can help stop bullying.


1. Can you remember a time you saw someone getting bullied? Did you step in? Why or why not?

2. What do you think someone could do if they are being bullied in person? How about online?

3. Make a list of people you could go to if you’re struggling.

4. Nakita says, “If I can do a project, you guys can too.” What might you be able to do in your school or community to reduce bullying? Brainstorm in your group.

Shared Stories

Want more inspiration? Here's a bunch of messages from kiwis around New Zealand in support of "One Voice".  Play them one by one, or play the first video and it'll automatically continue through the playlist. Double click in the middle of the video to make it go fullscreen.

Josh Koia - "Be kind to others, be kind to yourself"

Jamie Jones - "Hope, love, peace and respect"

Shaun & Vicki (Be The Change) - "You are the most powerful agent of change" 

John Kirwan - "The message is really courageous"

Andrew Stroud - "I've been hurt plenty of times"

Liam Martin (Waverider) - "It's got a really awesome message"

Oceana - "It's okay, we're all here for you"

Cam Calkoen - "We all have the ability to be awesome"

Cashmere High School Spoken Word

Paul Brown - "Change does start with you"

What Now - "Bullying is not okay"

Massad & Eve - "Bullying is not okay"

Add Your Voice

As a result of Nakita's "One Voice" project so many people have shared how bullying has affected them and, most importantly, how they got through it. Your voice can help others who are going through hard times. Click below to visit the One Voice Tumblr page and add your voice - personally or as a class.

Start a LFT Chapter

LFT (Live For Tomorrow) Chapters are groups of young people in schools who are passionate about sharing Live For Tomorrow’s message of hope and overcoming with their peers. Chapters meet regularly, discuss how they can make a difference, plan ways to do it, then make it happen.