Hundreds of people have been involved in the "One Voice" project over its lifespan. Thanks to all those that have contributed their time, talents and resources. You have made an invaluable contribution.

Film Production

Project Leader

Nakita Turner

Executive Committee

Katie Hinsen, Mary Hinsen, Angela Green, Claudia Turner, Jon Turner, Rachel Thornton

Music Video Production

Camera: David Jensen, Alexei Perkins
Editor: Carl Ayala, Jason Aldous
Post Production: Meetal Gokul
Post Producer: Tony Pratt
Director: Katie Hinsen
Assistant to Director: Angie Green, Tim Murdoch

Behind The Scenes Production

Directors: Xavier Moir, Andre Debenham
Camera: Jonty Beddoes, Luke Stace, Regan Wilson
Editors: Luke Stace, Bea Gooding

Call To Action Production

Director/Camera: David Jensen
Editor: Sarah McCarthy

One Voice Launch Event

Hayley Smith, Brook Turner, Daisy Timo, Oceana Olsen, Glenn Livingston, Alice Makaafi, Mia Makaafi, Tim Makaafi, Luke Verheul, Isabella Stringer, Melissa Walter, Gemma Hickson, Olivia Neill, Galen Erickson, Charlie de la Cour, Edward de la Cour, Ngareta Wicksteed, Yannik Turner, Themepro (Chris Stead, Simon Holdaway), Christchurch City Council events production team (Paul Kean, Sheena Baines-Alhawamdeh), Bounce NZ (Alan Brodie), Sue White

Song Production

Song Producer: John Boyd
Studio Engineer: Sam de Jong
Sound Engineer: Dave Cooper
Choir Director: Simon Bissiker
Choir Vocal Coach: Ang Reeves
Assistant to John Boyd: Joseph Reeves
One Voice Choir: Ashy Batchelor, Libby Barker, Chloe Bendal-Brown, Madeline Williams, Rebekah Williams, Olivia Yardley, Luca Turner, Jordan Trevarton, Tiffen Roberts, Amy Riley, Tane Penfold, Jaz Paterson, Josh MacGregor, Keeneth Love, Olivia Bissiker, Fliss Bissiker, Solly Love, Lila Love, Harmony Love, David Cloughley, Kelsea Haynes, Ben Love, Lilly Downing, Shem Love, Sarena Hurley, Max Earnshaw, Mitch Gray, Brittani Hershell, Micah Heath, David Rea, Sam Burt, Harry Burt, Cameron Champion
Musicians: Dukes (Lauren Barus, Matt Barus, Jo Barus, Brad Banks), Restoration (Josh Koia, Matt Brown, Albert Peseta, John Chin, Jordan Simpson), Massad, special thanks to Josh Koia for writing and performing the rap
Recording Day Team: Montoya-Brooke Dronsfield, Tim Murdoch, Storm Dronsfield, Ada Chen, Peter Hinsen, Alvin Liu, Anne Moir, Daniel Mokomoko, Rob Small, Sharon Small, Kaylene Luchford, Timoti Thomas


PR, Social Media: Elliot Taylor, Zeal Social Marketing Collective
Web Design: Josh Barr, Elliot Taylor

Other Thanks

Thanks to the many companies and organisations who have supported this project, including Park Road Post Productions, Zeal, Parachute Music, Whitebait TV, Our Voice Antibullying Projects, Rangiora Baptist Church and Papanui Youth Centre. Also, special thanks to the pupils of Bromley Primary School, Linwood Ave School, Middleton Grange School, Ashley School, Tuahiwi School, Rangiora New Life School, Nick de Roo and to St Andrews College (film equipment).

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